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  The large municipality of Kikinda is situated in the north part of Banat, near the Serbian-Romanian border. It represents the center of economic and social life of that part of Vojvodina. The municipality consists of the following places: Mokrin, Iđoš, Bašaid, Bikač, Banatska Topola, Rusko Selo, Novi Kozarci, Banatsko Veliko Selo, Nakovo and Sajan.

  According to the archaeological data, there were ancient settlements on the site of Kikinda, and in 1423, a place called Nađ Kekenj is mentioned, as the property of Ugric kings. In 1774 the empress Maria Theresia formed the Great Kikinda District. Kikinda became the center of the district and in 1893 it got the status of a free royal city.

  Until the end of the Second World War the town was called Velika (Great) Kikinda. Kikinda is also known by several other names that come from different languages: Nagykikinda (Hungarian), Großkikinda (German) or Chichinda Mare (Romanian).

  The adult population of Kikinda is 33901 and the average age of the population is 39.6 years (38.2 for men and 40.9 for women). There are 14607 households in the town and their average size is 2.86 people.